Monday, April 27, 2009

Boys' Literacy IS a Critical Literacy Issue!

Today was the final session in the series, Where the Boys Are. I was truly fortunate to have had the chance to meet and converse with fabulous teachers. Our kids are in great hands!

The focus of the last in-service was critical literacy and how the issue of boys' literacy is in itself a critical literacy issue. The gender-related issues alone only scratch the surface. Take a look at these brain scans:

This image is of the female brain at rest...

... and this one is of the male brain at rest. Current research has shown that there is just as much neurological activity in ther resting female brain as there is in the male brain that is actively engaged in problem-solving. Does our programming reflect this basic biological reality?

It when we take a closer look at the institutional norms of education, there really are clear examples related to power, class and race (in addition to gender) that worked to effectively alienate boys from their learning. Can anyone offer some examples?

My example: Traditional texts and resources often portray stereotypical views of masculinity, which alienate those boys that do not conform to those norms...